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Badge competition for the Navy's newest ship, HMNZS AOTEAROA

Launch of Badge competition for HMNZS AOTEAROA

A unique opportunity for New Zealanders to design the badge for the Navy's next ship 

Soon, the Royal New Zealand Navy will welcome HMNZS AOTEAROA – the replacement replenishment ship for HMNZS ENDEAVOUR.

Like every other ship in the Navy’s fleet, Aotearoa will have an official badge. But first we need one designed and this is your opportunity to have a hand in that. The badge will be an enduring symbol of the ship, displayed on plaques, the ship itself and on crew members’ uniforms.

“It will reflect the name of the ship, its meaning and what it represents to New Zealand,” says Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral John Martin. “It should be something simple yet striking.”

So for your opportunity to design a piece of Navy history, visit - It has all the details on the competition, the prizes, examples of our current ship badges, how to download a badge template and how to submit it.



HMNZS ENDEAVOUR - final harbour entry with pennant flying

HMNZS Endeavour

The Royal New Zealand Navy’s 30 year old tanker support ship, HMNZS Endeavour is about to be retired and enters the Waitemata Harbour for her final time on Friday 1 December.

She will be flying her decommissioning or paying off pennant - the longest pennant in the Navy.

Endeavour is expected to berth at Devonport Naval Base at 10am and will be visible from East Coast Bays and North Head for up to an hour as she enters the Rangitoto Channel, approaches the inner harbour and progresses to her berth.

For her final ceremonial harbour entry, naval tradition allows the Commanding Officer of Endeavour, Commander Martin Doolan, to fly the decommissioning pennant from the ship. The custom is inherited and adapted from the Royal Navy since before the Napoleonic Wars when it was tradition for ships to fly a ‘Paying-off Pennant’ at the masthead when they left their fleet to return to their home port to ‘Pay Off’. The length of the pennant was equal to the length of the ship and was similar to the masthead pennant. 

The Royal New Zealand Navy has adapted that early tradition and now, for a ship the size of Endeavour, the Paying-off Pennant is at least 122 metres long.  The pennant is flown only when entering Auckland for the final time. On the way into the Base, she will exchange a final salute with the Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral John Martin.

Her official decommissioning ceremony is on December 15 when a final farewell will take place at the Base. 

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