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Maritime Doctrine released

A users guide to our uniquely Kiwi Navy.


25 June 2019


It has been over 20 years since the first edition of the New Zealand Maritime Doctrine was published.


In that time, the world has changed markedly and the Maritime Doctrine the Navy and the NZDF were operating under needed to be updated to better reflect the role we played.


Naval power is an integral part of the broader national security response and the newly published Maritime Doctrine encapsulates our ethos and values, our heritage as warriors of the sea, the lessons we have learnt from the past and our commitment to be world-class in all that we strive to achieve.


This Doctrine is a blueprint that will guide all facets of the NZDF’s maritime operations now and into the future as we advance New Zealand’s interests from the sea.


View the Maritime Doctrine


Photo: Commander Jon Beadsmoore, Directorate of Sea Power & Warfare, with the new NZDF Maritime Doctrine



Navy's massive new product launch... 

At a ceremony this week (Wed 24 Apr.), the Navy’s first purpose-built ship in 10 years, AOTEAROA, finally found herself in her natural environment only eight months after her keel was laid in a South Korean shipyard.

It wasn't the dramatic launch of times past where a ship rolled down the slipway and into the water. AOTEAROA was constructed in the massive Hyundai Industries dry dock which simply filled with water and the ship floated off the blocks.

At 173m long, AOTEAROA is the largest ship the RNZN have ever had in her fleet. Now begins six months of fit out before her formal naming ceremony in October and Commissioning in early 2020.

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AOTEAROA on the water for the first time following her launch on Wednesday 24 Apr, at the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in Ulsan, Republic of Korea


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