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Strongman CPO Marc Thomas

Navy strongman to represent NZ at world games

Royal New Zealand Navy fitness instructor and sports co-ordinator Marc Thomas’s stamina, strength and fitness will be put to the test when he competes in the Strongman World Games in the United States this weekend.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas, who is from Tauranga and attended Tauranga Boys College, is the only New Zealander competing in the competition in North Carolina. He will compete against 30 contestants in the division. 

“I am really looking forward to the competition. I thought Strongman was for big men – I’m 5 feet 9 inches (1.75m) and 80 kilograms.  It wasn’t until I realised that there was a lightweight division that I knew I could take part and I’ve been competing in that division for almost two years now,” he said.

“In Strongman contests there are lots of different events, so it is more dynamic. It could involve pulling a 10-tonne truck for 20 metres, carrying 10 kegs up flights of stairs, a 200-kilogram squat, overhead press and deadlifts.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas always wanted to join the military as a fitness instructor.

“My grandfather was in the Royal Air Force and flew Lancaster bombers in the Second World War, and I had a strong interest in the military and in fitness training.”

As Fleet Sports Co-ordinator he also co-ordinates RNZN sports events. Chief Petty Officer Thomas trains with weights four times a week and on the other three days does recovery work. 

Photo: Royal New Zealand Navy fitness instructor and sports co-ordinator Chief Petty Officer Marc Thomas is competing in the Strongman World Games in the United States this weekend.


Aotearoa News

Crew trains at HMS Raleigh

Torpoint. Some of Aotearoa’s future crew have been training at HMS Raleigh in preparation for her delivery in 2020.

HMS Raleigh - a team of 19 have been introduced to new equipment to be fitted to Aotearoa

The team of 19 have been using the replenishment-at-sea (RAS) training rig at the base in Torpoint, to practice transferring stores, fuel and other items from ship-to-ship at sea. 

The facility, which started life as a trials platform to test equipment for the new Queen Elizabeth Carriers, is run off a Rolls Royce electric system; the same system which will be fitted to HMNZS Aotearoa.

During their two weeks at HMS Raleigh, the team has also been introduced to a high-performance mooring and towing system used by the Royal Navy. Aotearoa will be delivered with this system used to secure ships and is fairly new in the world. 

For more information visit HMNZS Aotearoa MSC project

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