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Band Personnel

Decommisioning Resolution, Navy Band, Parade, Concert band, Tuba, Longlook exchange

Director of Music

Lieutenant Commander, Michael Dowrick, RNZN

Band Personnel

Chief Petty Officer Michael Miller Clarinet*
Leading Musician Andy Cheng Clarinet
Able Musician Mary-Jane Shepherd Clarinet
Able Musician Heidi Lovatt Clarinet

Chief Petty Officer Craig Simpson Saxophone
Able Musician Mark Hobson Saxophone*
Able Musician Michael Jamieson Saxophone

Able Musician Craig Bradfield Bassoon

Leading Musician Tom Chester French Horn

Leading Musician Colin Clark Trumpet*
Able Musician Nick Hall Trumpet

Petty Officer Andrew Lile Trombone*
Leading Musician Philip Spriggs Bass Trombone
Able Musician Hadyn Godfrey Trombone

Leading Musician Sergei Khousnoutdinov Euphonium

Petty Officer Craig Rhodes Tuba*
Able Musician Fraser Robertson Tuba

Able Musician Joseph Anderson Guitar

Leading Musician Philip Wiley
Able Musician Jessica Hix Percussion
Able Musician Leni Sulusi Percussion*

* Section Principal



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