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A haka at the opening of Te Taua Moana Marae

Te Taua Moana o Aotearoa Marae (RNZN Marae)

O Tatou pepeha (our proverb)

Ko Uika te maunga
Ko nga Awa e Rua te moana
Ko Te Kurae-a-Tura te whenua
Ko Iwi Heramana te iwi
Ko Te Taua Moana te marae
Tihei mauri ora!

Uika, the lofty mountain (North Head)
Nga Awa e Rua the sea
Te Kurae-a-Tura the sacred land (Devonport)
Te Taua Moana the marae
Alas, the breath of life!

About Us

The RNZN Marae, Te Taua Moana Marae, is located adjacent to the Ngataringa Sports fields and is based upon the concept of whanau that exists in the RNZN. The Navy is a family, bound together by the ethic of service, military professionalism and by common values.

Women sing at Te Taua Moana Marae

Left: Waitata being sung inside the house.

The Hau Kainga of the marae are Iwi Heremana, serving personnel and civilian members of the RNZN drawn from all parts of New Zealand representing all waka, iwi and hapu. The kawa of the marae is therefore sympathetic to the protocols and needs of all iwi and particularly Iwi Heremana.

The marae may be used for many activities including whanaungatanga (the embrace of our extended family) matauranga (education) tangihanga (mourning ceremonies) and kapa haka (performing arts). It is a non-conflicting environment where all are equal.

For further information and booking detail contact the Marae Manager on (09) 445 5407 or the Events Centre on (09) 445 5531.

The front view of Te Taua Moana Marae from the water

Brief History
Right: The view of Te Taua Moana Marae from the water.

Te Taua Moana Marae was officially opened in April 2000. It soon became one of the RNZN's focal points for VIPs, dignitaries and the local community. Cultural awareness courses were introduced. A storeroom was added to the whare kai in 2004.

The following names and protocols were announced by Te Runanga o te Iwi Heramana following the outcome of a Fleet Hui (meeting) held on 14 February 2000.

The kawa (protocol) for whaikorero (speaking) on the RNZN Marae and subsequent RNZN hosted hui is Tau utuutu / Tu mai tu atu (the host and visitors speaking alternately. The host begins and ends the whaikorero.
Powhiri at Te Taua Moana Marae with carved head in foreground
The name of the RNZN Marae (buildings and land within the confines of the boundary fence) is Te Taua Moana. The name of the wharenui (meeting house) is Te Whetu Moana. The name of the wharekai (dining room) is Hine Moana.

Te Runanga o Te Iwi Heramana took the opportunity to thank te whanau o te Iwi Heramana (the wider Naval community) for their assistance and support to the kaupapa (project). Kia ora koutou katoa.

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