Ships return August 2 2015

HMNZS TE KAHA and HMNZS ENDEAVOUR return from long deployment

Our frigate HMNZS TE KAHA and our tanker HMNZS ENDEAVOUR returned to Devonport Naval Base on Sunday 2 August after long deployments. More than 1100 ecstatic family members and friends welcomed the ships home.

The ships were honoured with a flypast by two Navy Seasprite helicopters and a gun salute from ashore in response to one from TE KAHA.

TE KAHA had been away since 16 February, initially to Australia, then to Gallipoli for the 100th anniversary of the Anzac Day landings in World War I. The frigate then spent more than a month on a Combined Maritime Forces patrol in the Western Indian Ocean, seizing and destroying $235 million of heroin from two dhows boarded by Ship’s Company.

Immediately before returning to New Zealand, TE KAHA joined ENDEAVOUR in Darwin for Exercise Talisman Sabre. ENDEAVOUR meanwhile had sailed for Australia on 9 March where she helped resupply and support Royal Australian Navy ships, before going to Malaysia and Singapore waters for Exercise Bersama Shield.

Photo: Families and friends on the wharf as the ships arrive, ENDEAVOUR in foreground.

They were welcomed home by the Chief of Navy, ADM Jack Steer, and the Maritime Component Commander, CDRE John Campbell.

“The crews have been away from home and family for nearly six months, carrying out a wide range of challenging tasks,” CDRE Campbell said.

“TE KAHA’s work over during the anti-narcotic patrols was a hands-on New Zealand contribution to international security. As well as preventing those drugs from actually reaching the street, it helped staunch the flow of funds for terrorist activities in the Middle East and beyond.

“Talisman Sabre was an opportunity to practise the core warfighting capabilities she’s designed for, and to improve operability with New Zealand’s coalition partners.

“Welcome home to both ships and their crews. They have all done exceptionally well. We are very proud of their performance and achievements,” CDRE Campbell said.



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Chief of Navy RADM Jack Steer has published the 2015 RNZN Reading List, a PDF document of book reviews of scores of books with a Navy flavour. It's essential reading for our ratings and officers but will be of wide interest to anyone with an interest in navies. CN wants to share it with you. “Reading is a pastime that is rapidly being relegated in our ever busy lives,” he writes in his introduction to the list. “Many of us have lost the art (and the joy) of simply curling up on a comfortable chair with a really good book.” Read the list at this link and seek out some of the books recommended there.

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