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Law, Order and Respect 100 Years on

Leading Military Policeman Logan McKay is beating a drum for the fallen soldiers of the Battle of Messines in Belgium.
Leading Military Policeman Logan McKay is beating a drum for the fallen soldiers of the Battle of Messines in Belgium.

8 June 2017

A rugby-playing Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) policeman is on the Western Front taking part in the commemorations of a battle that happened 100 years ago.

Leading Military Policeman Logan McKay, 30, from Waipawa, Hawke’s Bay, is part of the New Zealand Defence Force contingent in Belgium for the Battle of Messines centenary commemorations.

He is taking a strong personal interest in his surroundings while he is in Belgium

“My great-grandfather Albert Frederick McKay fought in the First World War and I’m trying to find out as much about him and his time there as possible,” Leading Military Policeman McKay said.

It was on the Western Front that New Zealand made its most significant contribution to the First World War, and also where New Zealand suffered the greatest loss of life.

Leading Military Policeman McKay has also been given the task of adding a little more sound to parts of the commemorations, when the bass drum is needed.

“The music director asked for some help and it’s a great honour to be able to do this on such a memorable occasion. It’s certainly something I’ve never done before,” he said.

The former Central Hawke’s Bay College student is a leading hand in the military police and joined the RNZN to get the opportunity to travel.

“I wanted a trade and to travel. It was pure luck that I got a fantastic family out of it as well,” he said.

“My day job is investigating offences against the Armed Forces Defence Act, New Zealand laws and the laws of any country we happen to be in at the time, policing and generally maintaining order.”

His big love apart from his job and his family is rugby. He has earned a place in the RNZN team and also plays for the Navy Doggies, a premier reserve grade club team in the North Harbour competition.

“The Navy has a strong sporting culture and I have been lucky enough to represent the Navy in rugby,” he said.

He is very proud to have been chosen to be part of the Western Front contingent.

“I’m stoked because it’s the first time I’ve been picked for something of this nature.”

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