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Wellington Naval Reservists Service Awarded at HMNZS OLPHERT 

OMTO BULL and CARROLL awarded their NZ Defence Service Medal (NZDSM)

At a recent Awards Parade at HMNZS OLPHERT the Wellington Naval Reserve HQ in Petone, two Naval Reservists AWTR Holswhich and LMED  Bromley were awarded their first and second Good Conduct Badges respectively, and OMTO Bull and OMTO Carroll were awarded with their NZ Defence Service Medals.

In his address to the Awards Parade, HMNZS OLPHERT Commanding Officer LTCDR Richard Davies thanked them for their commitment each of them made to qualify for the awards. He also thanked their families for their support, as their service in the Naval Reserve as a second and parallel career, often took Reservists away from their families.

Image Right: OMTO Carroll (left) and OMTO Bull proudly wear their NZDSM medals.  

The NZ Defence Service Medal (NZDSM)  awarded to OMTO Bull and OMTO Carroll was instituted in 2011 to recognise not less than three years attested military service in the NZ Armed Forces since September 1946, The Royal Warrant for the NZDSM allows for one or more clasp to be awarded with the medal for Regular, Territorial (inkling Naval Reserve) CMT and National Service. The Medal ribbon reflects the colours of the Navy Army and Air Force as dark blue, red and light blue respectively. Also light green strips have been added between those colour strips to reflect the volunteer and territorial elements of the Services.

LMED Joanna Bromley and Family with the Commanding Officer, LTCDR R. DAVIES.
Image Above: LMED Bromley with her husband and son after being awarded her second Good Conduct Badge.
AWTR J Holswhich receives his first Good Conduct Badge.
Image Above:  AWTR Holswhich is awarded his first Good Conduct Badge.
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