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October 2014: IPV Training (TAUPO)

Over the weekend 30 Naval Reserve personnel from HMNZS NGAPONA (Auckland), OLPHERT (Wellington), PEGASUS (Christchurch) and TOROA (Dunedin) came to Devonport Naval base and onboard HMNZS TAUPO to participate in their Inshore Patrol Vessel training.  

Image right: Some of the RNZNVR personnel involved in the weekends IPV training.

Activities included:

    • SSEP Fire exercise. 1 X Casualty with burn. (Training Smoke used)
    • Steering gear failure, revert to after steering.
    • Power failure of Main Generator, start Emergency Generator and transferring of power for ships supply,
    • Launch and recovery of the Rhib (several times)
    • Lowering of the Anchor and ‘weighing anchor’ several times,
    • Swimmer of the watch to recover MOB (Oscar) several times for taskbook sign off,
    • Toxic Gas Exercise with a casualty Aft Machinery Space
    • Hands to Emergency Stations &  Muster of personnel,
    • SMET Team and RNZNVR personnel medical training (conducted by AMED O’Leary from NHS)
    • Fire exercise in the Recreation Space. (Training Smoke used)
    • The starting  routine and operation of the Yanmar Emergency Fire Pump and Ramfan. 
    • Bridge Familiarisation for the Command Team,
    • Electronic Tech’s carrying out pre-sailing checks, and
    • The sign off of taskbooks for exercises and evo’s completed.

The purpose of the training is to prepare the Reservists for a Safety and Readiness Check (SARC) which will be part of RESERVEX 14 to be held in December.

Image above: AMED Tash O'Leary from the Naval Health Services Philomel instructing the Medical assessment and the treatment of a patient during a training "Toxic Gas Incident" onboard HMNZS TAUPO.
Image above: It is important that after the training that those that have finished tasks get them signed off in their taskbook, WOSCS Davies signs the taskbook for those that have met the standard.
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