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The Royal New Zealand Navy Volunteer Reserve (RNZNVR) is an integral part of the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN); ten percent of the Navy's personnel strength is Reservists.

Naval Reserve personnel train for Sea Service in support of Multi-Agency Taskings and for duties ashore in Maritime Trade Operations; in addition they provide supplementary personnel for the RNZN, both in peacetime and times of emergency. All branches have full career opportunities as ratings, and selected personnel may be offered commissions as Naval Reserve Officers.


As a member of the sea service you can expect to be trained in Damage Control, seamanship and weapon handling. You will be constantly finding new skills as your vessel performs multi agency taskings with the customs service, fisheries or conservation.


There are opportunities to become a technical officer or rating where you would be responsible for maintaining and operating a range of systems aboard the Inshore Patrol Vessels among others.


The Naval Reserves are solely responsible for Maritime Trade Operations, the liaison between the Navy and the wider maritime industry, doing things like boarding ships and tracking vessel movements in our waters. They also supplement the Regular Force. Sometimes this will mean filling in for full-time sailors and officers.


Up to date Recruiting information and skills we are looking for are available on the Defence Careers website


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