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June 2005 - NGAPONA: Navy Innovation Expo

The Reserve display at the Innovation Expo 2005

The RNZNVR recently took part in the Navy's Innovation Expo 05 which was highly successful in driving the 'one navy' concept towards the future by leveraging the technologies available to us.

The Reserve stand showcased:

1. Office without walls concept - i.e. sit at the beach or at home and link up to the network.
2. Mobile solutions integrated to your office.
3. Ruggardized equipment we can use on ships - stuff that falls and doesn't break easily.

The theme was displayed alongside an explanation of how we as Reservists stretch a two hour parade night at NGAPONA into many more hours of Navy work by working flexible hours from our offices and homes to remain effective and efficient on meeting Naval objectives and deadlines.

LT Bob Mohammed at the Reserves stand for Innovation Expo 2005

As prizes we gave away:                    

* 2 x Sanyo 7400 cell phones;
* 1 x T3G mobile data card;                  
* Harrier (integrated PDA/ email/ phone);
* A number of good quality sports bag;
* A number of compendiums.

The project was led by LT Bob Mohammed. He would like to thank to the following key personnel without whose assistance, guidance and support we wouldn't have enjoyed the roaring success we achieved:
CDR Tom Rae, CDR Peter Arnold, LTCDR Rod Thomas, LTCDR Lissa Jackson, LTs Mike Oomen and Tony Petricevich, and ABSEA Cherie.

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