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October 2009 - Technical Reservist onboard.

The Technical Branch of HMNZS NGAPONA has been focussing on IPV familiarisation courses to acquaint Reservists with layout of the ships, crew tasks and bridge monitoring systems.


With Reservists going to supplement at sea, the IPVs present significant opportunities and challenges.  The up skill from IPC to IPV technology has been facilitated by Project Protector trained staff tailoring short courses for Reservists.  Weekend training utilising base facilities and vessels alongside are important steps to ensure Reservists are prepared for effective sea going tasks.


Training is varied.  In late September the Reservists received a DC refresher training weekend courtesy of the SSTS staff.  Lead instructor for this was OLPHERT based CPO Pete Furjes.  Drills included first aid fire fighting attack, EEBDs, BA attack and support party drills, hose teams around door and hatch entries and the obligatory wet run in the shoring and flooding unit.


In early October, weekend training continued with lead instructor POET Michael Cook.  NGAPONA technical rates learned to operate surveillance systems (radar, depth sounders etc), navigation aids and internal communications equipment.  The team also learned about the Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS). This provides control of the ship’s mechanical and electrical plant and equipment. This critical information is essential to the engineers on board to maintain ship. 


The Reservists are grateful for regular staff giving up their weekends for training duties, particularly the SSTS team and HMNZS PUKAKI and HAWEA crews.


Future activities utilising duty watch alongside training for Reservists are being trialled to gain the requisite ship familiarity and knowledge to integrate into ship’s company duties.


By CPOMT Ward and OWEF Venning-Thomas


LDEF McKenzie and ODEF Venning-Thomas studying the IPMS
Image Above: LDEF McKenzie and ODEF Venning-Thomas studying the IPMS.
CPOMT(P) Ward, ADEF Duncan and members of HAWEA's crew on the bridge.
Image Above: CPO Ward and the technical branch studying the Bridge systems
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