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LTCDR Wells accepts the endemnity form from LTCDR Chaplin the outgoing Commanding Officer.

It was a busy time at HMNZS OLPHERT in December 2009, with a number of activities including a Change of Command and a well deserved Commanding Officer (CO) Commendation awarded by the outgoing CO.


We saw the Change of Command Ceremony for LTCDR Gerad Chaplin handing over Command over to his Executive Officer LTCDR Ian Wells as the new CO, and was brought about by LTCDR Chaplin's taking up the opportunity to serve on an operational posting overseas with the NZ Defence Force in Timor Leste.


Image Right: LTCDR Ian Wells VRD being handed the Instrument of Succession & Indemnity as his authority to act as the new CO by the outgoing CO LTCDR Gerad Chaplin VRD,  at the Change of Command Ceremony on the Main Deck of HMNZS OLPHERT.  


It was also a special occasion as Shipmates and Family were present to see LSEA David Tagoa'i receive a well deserved commendation as the last official act of the outgoing CO Gerad Chaplin.


LSEA Tagoa'i's Commendation  was specially awarded for his commitment  to the planning and implementation to a high standard of a range of training for OLPHERT personnel including Parade drill, Weapons Handing and Damage Control, and specifically given in recognition of his sustained high performance, professionalism and enthusiasm in the execution of training duties at HMNZS OLPHERT for the period 2006-2009. Well done that Man."


LSEA David Tagoa'i  presented  with a CO's Commendation by LTCDR Gerad Chaplin

Above Image: LSEA David Tagoa'i  presented  with a CO's Commendation by LTCDR Gerad Chaplin.

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