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FA Training HMNZS Ngapona

September 2010: First Aid Training

Leading Medic Melanie Bainbridge conducted a Workplace First Aid Course at the Navy Hospital. The training represented a fantastic opportunity for members of HMNZS NGAPONA's ships company to adopt a new approach to first aid situations and the management of basic First Aid .


The two day course took place at  Naval Hospital and is recognised as a Unit Standard qualification.


The course covered ;


1. Scene assessment.

2. Primary Action Plan.

3. Basic life support CPR child/infant.

4. Choking.

5. Shock: patient management and Assessment.

6. Management of bleeding external and Internal.

7. Medical conditions.

8. Fractures and dislocations.

9. Soft Tissue Injuries.

10. Head and Neck Injuries.

11. Eye Injuries.

12. Spinal Injuries

13. Chest Injuries.

14. Poisoning.

15. Burns.

16. Environmental Conditions.

17. Casualty Evacuation.



LMED Bainbridge utilised a interactive style of training with students carrying out two tutorials over the weekend. Reservists, being on the mature side of the age scale, drew upon personal experience in situations where they had used basic First Aid. By the end of the weekend participants were up skilled, enabling them to assess a first aid situation with a fresh approach to managing everyday situations ranging from cardiac

arrest to an epileptic seizure.         


The weekend training is part of the Reservist skills build prior to the "RESERVEX" and fast cruise being held later in the year. Continuing First Aid training enables maintaining the most up to date medical knowledge amongst Naval personnel.





Image Above: Students practice how to roll a casualty onto a stretcher for evacuation.

Image Above:  A role play exercise, illustrating what to do when someone faints
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