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April 2011: Tauranga Chaplain

To serve in the RNZNVR as a Chaplain has been one of the most amazing experiences of my already adventure filled life.  What a privilege it is to serve amongst such a dedicated group of individuals, who have committed themselves to the task of defending New Zealand's interests both here in home waters and also abroad.  A large part of my role is "just being there", with an open heart and a listening ear, while experiencing with my ship mates the accomplishments as well as some of the difficulties of Navy life. My greatest reward in this more personal side of the Chaplains ministry, has been the friends I have made, or more accurately the friendships I have been given.  And to be dubbed, "our padre" is an enormous honour and an even greater trust. 


The more public side of my role includes prayers on parade, the occasional chapel at training weekends and various other special ceremonial tasks. One of the highlights of public ministry is the opportunity I have to conduct the ANZAC Dawn Parade Service at Mt. Maunganui.  Public enthusiasm for this Service has grown hugely over the last 10 years in particular, with three to five thousand people attending depending on the weather. What a wonderful show of support from the New Zealand people for our ageing veterans as well as young Kiwi Defence Force personnel serving around the world. 


CHAP C Haines




Chaplain Haines and members of HMNZS NGAPONA Tauranga ships company.
Image Above: Chaplain Haines with members of Ngapona Ships Company.
Chaplain Haines at the ANZAC Dawn Service - Mt Maunganui
Image above: Chaplain Haines during the 2011 ANZAC parade at Mt Maunganui.
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