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September 2014: Maritime Trade Organisation Reservists exercise Merchant Ship boarding from Sea

As part of the RNZN’s Maritime Trade Organisation’s Exercise Tuatara held last month, Naval Reservists ENS Ryan Hall and OMTO Simon  Hollingsworth boarded the Merchant Vessel SEA RICHES by pilot vessel out of the Port of Lyttelton, to further their professional knowledge of local maritime industry operations.


The exercise was instrumental in providing training for Reservists and developing relationships with the Port and local Shipping Companies.


One of the main objectives of the visit was a familiarisation tour of the port and to further working relationships with the Port staff. Upon arrival they were greeted by the pilot launch skipper Ross Clements who proceeded to give them a tour of the tug Blackadder and the pilot vessel. He then took them out on the pilot vessel and gave them a familiarization tour of the Port facilities.


Image right: The harbour pilot explains to OMTO Simon Hollingsworth how he will manoeuvre the ship to its berth.

As part of the training they went alongside a container ship and picked up the marine pilot Jamie Welford. He then explained his role as a marine pilot and arranged to board the Chinese cargo ship Sea Riches and observe his job first hand.


During the visit they were given an insight to how the pilot service is utilized at Lyttelton, and they increased the port staffs awareness on the role of the MTO in the maritime industry, and gained insight into the merchant maritime industry.


Image above: Ensign Ryan Hall RNZNVR is briefed by the harbour Pilot Jamie Welford. 
Image above: Ensign Hall observes the Port of Lyttelton Harbour pilot as he manoeuvres the MV SEA RICHES to its berth.
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