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May 2014: OLPHERT Weapons Training & Live Firing RNZN AWQ Steyr

Shooters conducting their Styer Annual Weapons Qualification (AWQ)

A total of 16 HMNZS OLPHERT (OLP) personnel participated in a range weekend at Linton Military Camp recently.

From the outset, this particular Range Practice was considered ground breaking for OLP and the RNZNVR as the RNZN Annual Weapons Qualification (AWQ) Steyr and RNZN AWQ Pistol had never been conducted or integrated into Linton’s Military Camp Paul Parsons Range SOP’s.

A lot of hard work by the our weapons training staff over the preceding weeks saw those attending receive intensive weapons training at Trentham Military Camp prior to the live firing at Linton.

Image Right: Shooters are put through their paces.

All firers achieved a Pass for the RNZN AWQ Steyr and OLPs four newest recruits were able to conducted a familiarisation on the Pistol P226.


Ready for ACTION in the Butts.
Above: Action in the Butts while the shooters conduct their RNZN Steyr AWQ.
Weapons training was conducted prior to the Range Weekend at Trentham Mil Camp.
Above: Weapons training conducted at Trentham Military Camp the weekend prior to live firing at Linton.
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