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Rank Structure

All naval personnel have a rank, from Ordinary Rating to Rear Admiral.

The rank of a sailor recognises many things: their seniority in the Navy, their skills, experience and qualifications. 

Officers at attention at Fleet Divisions

Naval Officers are trained to lead, they must take overall responsibility.  The Officers are managers, whether the resources are people, money or stores.  The challenge is to perform, not just as a leader and manager, but also as a subject matter specialist in your chosen branch.

The Officer Corps is broadly divided into two categories: officers whose careers involve them serving both on ships and ashore (General List), and officers whose skills are required in the shore organisation only (Branch List). 

General List Officers choose from the following options:  Executive, Supply (Logistics), Weapons Engineering, and Marine Engineering.  Branch List Officers tend to be specialists in a far more specific role (eg. Doctor, Civil Engineer).

Senior Officers:

Rear Admiral (RA)
Commodore (CDRE)
Captain (CAPT)
Commander (CDR)
Lieutenant Commander (LT CDR)

Junior Officers:

Lieutenant (LT)
Sub Lieutenant (SLT)
Ensign (ENS)
Midshipman (MID)

Ratings at attention at Fleet Divisions

Naval Ratings, or sailors, are the practical people who provide specialist hands-on skills in their chosen field.  There are many more trades or options available to a Rating, and the abbreviation is included within their title.

Senior Ratings:

Warrant Officer (WO)
Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
Petty Officer (PO)

Junior Ratings:

Leading Hand (LH)
Able Rating (AB)
Ordinary Rating (O)

The ratings specialisation will follow their rank:  e.g. WOCH = Warrant Officer Chef, LET = Leading Electronics Technician.

Branch Trades

Combat System Specialist (CSS)
Communications Warfare Specialist (CWS)
Diver (DR)
Electronic Warfare Specialist (EWS)
Helicopter Loadmaster (HLM)
Hydrographic Systems Operator (HSO)
Hydrographic Systems Technician (HST)
Seaman Combat Specialist (SCS)


Chef (CH)
Logistics Supply Specialist (LSS)
Medic (MED)
Military Police (MP)
Musician (MUS)
Operational Administrator (OA)
Steward (STD)


Electronic Technician (ET)
Marine Technician Electrical (MT(L))
Marine Technician Propulsion (MT(P))
Marine Technician (MT)
Weapon Technician (WT)

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